Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Beach (Date Night!)

Tonight is DATE NIGHT! Michelle and I are going to have a moment alone! We have no idea what we'll do or where we'll go, but does it really matter? We'll be free for a good 4 or 5 sacred hours!

All kidding aside, it is good to have some time to "date" my wife. I'm so guilty of letting routine and fatherhood get in the way of my relationship with Michelle. I truly believe that at the nucleus of a successful family is a close marriage. That's why these opportunities are so important. Not because we need to have fun together or get a break from parenthood (although those things are great too), but more importantly, Michelle needs to know that the fire hasn't died in my heart. I don't want her to just feel like she's a part of my life. She needs to understand and feel like she's the pinnacle of my life, above which nothing else exists except for our relationship with God. Pardon me if that sounds mushy, but it's true. There's God, then there's our marriage, and then there's life, which is derived from those top two elements.

So anyway, we're going out tonight and I can't wait. It shouldn't be too long from now. Michelle is with our three oldest kids at the pool right now, but once they get back, it's on, baby.


Michelle said...

Thank you honey, I'm glad to know that you still like me after 11 years of marriage. :) I had a wonderful evening on our date, and cherish every moment that we are able to "get away."

Freda Tapp said...

Even now that we have an "empty nest" home, Rob and I still love our date nights and cherish every moment.

I'm so glad you both realize while you're young how important it is to carve out special time just for each other.