Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missing My Family

Tonight, I'm writing from Hampton, VA. I've been here all week conducting business. I'm really missing my wife and kids, but I have to keep in mind that this job that takes me away at times is also the same job that helps me provide for my family. Today at my meeting, I was taking notes on my laptop and then I decided to secretly open up a little media window to run a video of our Gulf Shores family vacation from last summer. I still paid attention to our briefer, but every few seconds I'd glance down at that little video. Even though it made me miss my family even more, I still had to see them. Yes, I'm over-the-board when it comes to sentiment, but you know what, I'm thankful for that part of me. I love that feeling in the center of my soul that lingers on each little movement of my kids. I had the volume turned off so others wouldn't hear what was going on from my computer, but the images were all I needed. That silent video conducted a symphony in my heart. I can't wait to be with them again this Friday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Landon's Surgery

This morning at 5:00, my wife and I rolled out of bed. I made coffee while she prepared to take our 3-year-old son, Landon, to the medical center in Macon to have his tonsils removed. Although this is a common thing that's been done for many years, I still wasn't handling it too well. When Landon was a few weeks old, he caught pneumonia. All I could do was hold his little body and pray for him as he gasped for breath and coughed up thick mucus from his lungs. He then had some issues with digestion and that had Michelle and I on our knees in prayer as well. During those early weeks and months of his life, I became extremely sensitive to his well-being, which is why I haven't done well coping with the fact that he's going to be anesthetized and have his tonsils taken out. However, NOT doing this is far riskier because he's had problems breathing at night due to his tonsils being so large. So our plan for this morning was for Michelle and her mother to take Landon while I stay home with our other kids.

I woke Landon up at 5:40, helped him go potty, and then carried him out to the car. After loading him into his car-seat, he smiled at me with that sleepy smile and leaned his head over to rest against my head. I securely placed his stuffed turtle, Pluffy, and his favorite train, Gordon, into his lap, then closed the door and returned to the house. For the next two hours I tried to stay busy, but that didn't help a whole lot. I kept in touch with Michelle and she updated me each step of the way. The surgery went well and he was back home by 12:30. Throughout the afternoon, he cried at the least thing and wanted me with him every second. I rocked him to sleep a couple of times, sang songs, played Thomas the Train, and gave him LOTS of chocolate ice cream. At bedtime we had to give him the stronger medication. He immediately began to drift away and as I watched him fall asleep, a few tears ran down my cheeks. My little buddy had experienced a rough day that had to be.

Here's a photo of my little "Landy" taken last Friday at Miramar Beach, FL. He had gotten really cold and so I wrapped him in a beach towel and held him until we left. His head was buried into my chest and when Michelle asked him to look at her for the picture, he was only willing to peak around my neck with one eye.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend With Uncle Ronnie

Today, we returned from a 4-day get-away to Sandestin, FL, where my Uncle Ronnie lives. He invited us to stay with him and it turned out to be a life-long memory. I was able to catch-up on his life and spend some truly quality time with him. Not to mention, he was able to become a part of my kids' lives. As you'll see from these photos, it was a beautiful place. He lives in a 4th floor condo that sits next to the Sandestin Bay, the Baytowne Wharf Marina, and the Baytowne Wharf Village. Each day we scooted around the resort on his golf cart and experienced the type of life he's living. I can't say enough about the fun we had with him.

This next picture is of Michelle and the kids at the Baytowne Wharf Village. This chair looks like any beach chair, except this one is huge. It made a quite unique photo of the 5 most precious people in my life.

On Saturday, the weather and sea were about as perfect as it gets. Just take a look at this photo of my 3-year-old, Landon, running down the walk-way to the beach. The ocean in the distance was calm and crystal clear. It was awesome.

This last photo is of my Uncle Ronnie with my kids. It was taken on his balcony that overlooks the Sandestin Bay. Moments later we got in the car and returned home, but it was with a heavy heart since we were not going to be able to share more time with my dad's big brother. This trip reminded me of how important it is to re-connect with family members. This life is too short to let it slip by without sharing time with those you love.