Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend With Uncle Ronnie

Today, we returned from a 4-day get-away to Sandestin, FL, where my Uncle Ronnie lives. He invited us to stay with him and it turned out to be a life-long memory. I was able to catch-up on his life and spend some truly quality time with him. Not to mention, he was able to become a part of my kids' lives. As you'll see from these photos, it was a beautiful place. He lives in a 4th floor condo that sits next to the Sandestin Bay, the Baytowne Wharf Marina, and the Baytowne Wharf Village. Each day we scooted around the resort on his golf cart and experienced the type of life he's living. I can't say enough about the fun we had with him.

This next picture is of Michelle and the kids at the Baytowne Wharf Village. This chair looks like any beach chair, except this one is huge. It made a quite unique photo of the 5 most precious people in my life.

On Saturday, the weather and sea were about as perfect as it gets. Just take a look at this photo of my 3-year-old, Landon, running down the walk-way to the beach. The ocean in the distance was calm and crystal clear. It was awesome.

This last photo is of my Uncle Ronnie with my kids. It was taken on his balcony that overlooks the Sandestin Bay. Moments later we got in the car and returned home, but it was with a heavy heart since we were not going to be able to share more time with my dad's big brother. This trip reminded me of how important it is to re-connect with family members. This life is too short to let it slip by without sharing time with those you love.


Freda Tapp said...

What a splendid post, Micah. The words and the photos truly give us insight as to how special your time was there. Everyone looks absolutely wonderful and happy.

Daddy particularly liked the picture of our hugger Noah snuggled up to Uncle Ron.

Thanks for sharing the beauty on so many levels.

With love,

LoveLladro said...

How awesome... family is a precious thing. I wish I had more family to share with Chase ;~)