Thursday, March 26, 2009

Noah's Soccer Game

I'm late getting this post out here, but I just wanted to let you know how great Noah did at his first soccer game of the season last Saturday. Basically, there were only three goals made during the game. They were all by Noah's team. And oh yeah, they were all by Noah! I was so proud of him. Here are some great photos from the game.

The pre-game prayer.

Noah's corner kick.

Here's Noah dribbling the ball through the defenders toward the goal!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mom Is Recovering Well

My mother's surgery went well this morning. She had a tumor removed from her neck. I wanted so badly to be with her during this, but I'm just not able to because of so many things keeping me here in Georgia. As I spoke with my dad this morning after the surgery, I could here in his voice the same feeling that was in my heart, and that's the feeling of nervousness, dependence, and relief . . . all at the same time. Maybe it's a guy thing, but there's something about 'not being able to protect your loved-ones' that just rattles me. We had to rely on the skill and knowledge of the doctor for my mother's safety and outcome. I'm so thankful for doctors and their expertise, but for the most part, I hope that God keeps me away from them as much as possible. I'd rather wrestle a gorilla than lay up on a hospital table and receive a procedure of any kind. (Somehow I'm talking about me now . . . back to Mom)

This evening as I drove home I called my mother's cell phone expecting my dad to answer, but to my surprise, she answered! She definitely sounded like she'd been through a rough day, but considering those factors, she sounded great. Please continue to pray for her recovery. Thanks

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Been A While

Well, it's well into March of '09 and my last post was around Thanksgiving of last year, so needless to say . . . I've been completely negligent of my blogger page. If anyone is out there, then "I'm sorry."

Basically, my life is going well and I'm truly blessed; however, I'm surrounded by friends in need. All I know to do is keep praying that God enables me to bless them somehow. I don't have much extra money, but that isn't always the answer anyway. If anyone reading this happens to be going through a rough time right now, please put your trust in God. Do your very best to keep going, but remember that He is in control of your life. Ask Him for what you need and He will hear you. I truly believe that what He desires mostly is your obedience, and it starts with laying your burdens at His feet. Just something to think about . . .

My wife and kids continue to be my joy. I learn something new about fatherhood everyday. I'm trying to maintain and strengthen my relationship with my daughter as she nears her teenage years. My belief is that only the love and trust we share with one another will be what stands the test of time in these challenging phases ahead of us. I've been trying to equip (or "prepare") her for years now and I'm sure I won't be done with that any time soon. She's so great. My prayer is that she becomes an example to her peers of how you can live righteously and still be accepted in the social scene.

My boys are also doing great. They are mature beyond their years. Noah is so loving and good-hearted. Jonah is full of integrity. Landon teaches me patience over and over. Michelle is the love of my life. I can honestly say that I love being who I am because of my family.

More updates: My career is wonderful. We're getting use to middle Georgia. I'll be starting my master's degree in the next few months, which will help me compete for a promotion within the next 18 months. It snowed a couple of weeks ago. I'm producing a lot of music these days. We joined a new church a few months ago and I'm playing the drums in the praise band. Hannah & Noah were baptized last month. I changed my eating lifestyle three weeks ago and have lost 9 lbs so far. My mother is having surgery on Monday, 16 March, so please pray for her. I have to finish an online course by midnight tomorrow, so please pray for me as well. And lastly, the boys and I sure are enjoying the new animated series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

OK. I'll end by just posting some pictures of the kids. Talk to you later!