Monday, March 16, 2009

Mom Is Recovering Well

My mother's surgery went well this morning. She had a tumor removed from her neck. I wanted so badly to be with her during this, but I'm just not able to because of so many things keeping me here in Georgia. As I spoke with my dad this morning after the surgery, I could here in his voice the same feeling that was in my heart, and that's the feeling of nervousness, dependence, and relief . . . all at the same time. Maybe it's a guy thing, but there's something about 'not being able to protect your loved-ones' that just rattles me. We had to rely on the skill and knowledge of the doctor for my mother's safety and outcome. I'm so thankful for doctors and their expertise, but for the most part, I hope that God keeps me away from them as much as possible. I'd rather wrestle a gorilla than lay up on a hospital table and receive a procedure of any kind. (Somehow I'm talking about me now . . . back to Mom)

This evening as I drove home I called my mother's cell phone expecting my dad to answer, but to my surprise, she answered! She definitely sounded like she'd been through a rough day, but considering those factors, she sounded great. Please continue to pray for her recovery. Thanks

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