Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back From The Beach

Well, we're back! It's amazing how fast it went by, but it's also good to get home. I'd like to summarize a couple of things that I found exceptionally special about this trip.

First, Michelle was able to spend precious time with her mom and sister. They recently lost a special member of their "family of ladies." Her name was Mimi and she was Michelle's grandmother. Since I met Michelle in late '95, it was always the four of them. Mimi was always right there in the mix keeping up with whatever activity was going on. She lived a good strong life right up until the end, and I sense that the remaining three really acknowledge how important it is that they spend time together. I could tell that they all felt right at home when they were in each other's company.

Secondly, I was able to be with my family 100% of each day for a solid week. Although it may seem like I'm just stating the obvious, it's really an amazing thing when I step back and think about it. During most of my routine life, the time with my wife and kids is chopped-up into little opportunities here and there. During this vacation, we were in a place that didn't allow us to be apart, and I cherished every little second of it. We woke up together, played together, rested together, ate together, and just lived as one close-knit crew for 7 straight days. It was so amazing.

I don't have any humorous angles to spin on this blog because I'm kind of heavy-hearted right now. I guess I'm just in a state of thankfulness for my family. And yes, in-laws are included in that statement. That may have sounded like a jab of sarcasm, but I'm serious. They're awesome. I've always been a somewhat sensitive guy, but as I get older, I'm just turning into a complete sap. Oh, well. It's all good. Later.

Oh, yeah. Here is a picture of the beach and also one of Michelle's mom and sister with the kids.

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Freda Tapp said...

Enjoyed your post-vacation post, Micah. It touched my heart and made me grateful, too, that God gave you such a special family through the prettiest girl at church camp. Sounds like everyone had a heavenly time.

May you all be blessed as you get back into your routines and on with the tasks and responsibilities of earthly life.

Papou and I are thinking a lot about our birthday boy, Noah. We'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!