Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Grandmother

Almost two weeks ago my grandmother laid down for a nap and calmly slipped into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I can remember as a young boy walking into her front door early one morning and peering through the living room to her back porch.  She was sitting there in her cushioned lawn chair with her hands lifted as she quietly praised the Lord, as her Bible lay opened on her lap.  There was no music wooing her into worship.  It was just her and Jesus, and nothing else mattered. That's the vision I remember most of her.  What an example she set for me!  She showed me that true belief and worship only require a sincere heart and obedience to spend time with Him each day.

She loved me so much.  Everything I did was great in her eyes.  If no one else in the world had believed in me, she did; and quite honestly, that would have been enough.  I will miss the sound of her voice.  I will miss her handing me her fresh homemade biscuits over the fence early every Saturday morning (she lived next door).  There's so much that I will cherish in my memories about her.  The list of recollections would never end.

My grandpa Freddy, her husband, passed away the year I was born in 1974 at the young age of 50.  She had to carry-on with life.  She kept his memory alive by describing him with words that were so great.  I grew to admire him very early in life.  Well, that's what I will do for her.  These few words I'm typing will represent the first expression of admiration I will share with regard to my precious grandma Joyce.

She was strong in her convictions.  She was faithful to God, family, friends, and acquaintances.  She forgave when she was wronged.  She was tender when someone needed comfort.  She saw the best in people when little good was apparent to others.  And she loved...first Jesus...then everyone else.  What a woman of virtue she was!  I hope God allows me to dream of her many times.  Oh, how real I hope those dreams will be.  If she could somehow read these words, then I would tell her this:

I love you, Grandma; and I'll miss you until I'm in Heaven one day.  Your character will live-on in the lives of everyone who knew you, especially in me.  Tell grandpa that I can't wait to meet him!  Your grandson, Micah

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Freda Tapp said...

Micah, your remembrance and description of Gramma Joyce are so perfectly accurate and truly come to life as I read your beautiful tribute. I cannot thank you enough for your precious, comforting words. With love from MOM