Friday, July 6, 2012

Landon's Special Rocks

This was a journal entry from April 14, 2010:

     This past weekend, Landon came to me in the kitchen and what I thought I heard him say was, "I have some special walks for you," as he then turned to go into the garage.  I stopped him and said, "Hey buddy, don't go in there.  What are you talking about?  I don't understand."  (I didn't like him being in the garage without a good reason).
     After I had him repeat himself a couple of times, I gave-up trying to understand and just let him go with hopes of finally seeing what this was all about.  He came back in with a handful of broken rocks that he had found on the side of the road during his walk with Mommy that morning.  Inside, I could feel my heart swell and I knelt down so he could tell me about these rocks, some of which looked like bits of concrete.  He pointed out ones that glittered in the light and described other little things as well.  But what pierced my soul was that he kept calling them "special rocks".  In his little mind, they were beautiful and because they were so neat to him, he wanted me to have them.
     In the simplest of ways, he showed me how much he loved me.  One by one, his little hands carefully placed each rock into mine.  Now I have them proudly displayed on my desk at work in front of his baby picture.  I would not trade all the diamonds in the world for these dusty little rocks.  I'm so thankful to God for giving me a heart that cherishes moments like this.

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