Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Kids

I've been a dad for almost ten years. When Hannah first came into view that perfect day on February 11th, 1999, my first words were, "She's so beautiful." To this day, I have to refrain from saying that to her face too much because then she may become what most people refer to as "stuck up." But I assure you, I keep her well-grounded and humble.

The reason I'm writing today is because this morning as I was making my coffee, I came to a realization that my life is so blessed by my kids. I can honestly observe them living their little lives and then change my life to be better because of the lessons they've taught me. I'm their example to follow in many ways, but even more-so, they are examples for me to follow. I know there will likely come a day when they will test the boundaries and present a real parenting challenge to me, but I'm confident that the love we've established will keep them always aware that I'm in their hearts at all times. It's not my wrath that will keep them from plunging into horrible decisions, but rather my love and trust in them.

I ask that you pray for parents all across the world to love their children. And also, I ask for you to pray for those "to be" parents that may be having a difficult time conceiving. I don't know why I've been blessed with four wonderful kids, but one thing is for sure, I do not and will not take it for granted. If I was to die this very day, I will have already obtained such an awesome quality of life because of my kids and my wife.

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John and Tracy said...

You know, Micah...I was up late just feeling so low because John and I are so blessed to have each other, but still after 17 years now still feel that little void called child. We look at you all and thank God he's blessed you and your family makes me thank God too that He is such a wonderful God with plans for each of us. I'm glad you are the kind of man that sees His blessings. We love you all! Tracy