Monday, August 4, 2008

The Project

I'm back. Not that anyone is actually checking my blog yet (with the exception of my mother . . . hey, Mom!)

I just thought I'd post some pictures of my current project, which is to build a roof for my back deck. Our poor deck has been beaten up by the sun, rain, humidity, and varying temperatures, so my answer to this dilemma is to create a barrier between it and those elements. I'm so excited to have a nice place to enjoy the outdoors without actually being rained-on or burned up by the glaring sun.

Well, enjoy the photos depicting the evolution of our project. And oh yeah, I'm not the real builder. I have a great friend named Ron who deserves the credit for knowing how to do this stuff. He's basically in charge and I'm his helper. As you'll see, our deck is high off the ground and I'm afraid of heights, so this has been quite a challenge . . . more-so for Ron because he's usually doing the death defying tasks that I'm too ignorant (and too chicken) to do. OK . . . enough rambling . . .


Michelle said...

Hey, I read your blog too, but I guess that I'm not IMPORTANT enough to be counted. :)

All joking aside, I love our new addition to our house, and I appreciate all of your hard work.

kathi said...

It looks great! I'm sure your family is going to get a LOT of enjoyment out of that and you'll have the pleasure of knowing that it was because of you and your hard work. Great job!

LoveLladro said...

that looks awesome! i am taking notes for hubby and i's forever home (still a distant dream!)

Freda Tapp said...

Excellent, Micah!

We will be enjoying our morning coffee on that wonderful deck in just a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!

May God bless your dear friend and his helper. You guys are a great team!


Chris Coryell said...

Yo dude. Very nice deck. Julie just heard from our builder; we close on Sept 9. You guys don't do any deck work in New Mexico do you? ;) Keep up the good work.

John & Tracy said...

Hey Micah! I didn't know you have a blog too! I would have checked over here sooner! Great job on the deck roof! We can't wait to come over and have coffee out there! :)
Ok, now you have my blog listed on your page here, how come Michelle doesn't have mine on her's? And we never got to see how the "sea animals" we brought grew in the water?! You need to talk to her about it :) Now you can tease her about not posting about our overnight visit either :)
Love you guys! And hope you are all still planning to do a fall camping trip! Let's start talking dates!!!!